2020年【茨城旅行】かすみがうら一周 かすいち挑戦準備 ・計画

本年2度めの1周旅。サイクルボール かすいちに挑戦!今回の旅は非常にラフです。現地までの移動は各自。当日のルートはツール・ドのアプリにお任せ。ルートに設定があるので私の作業としては楽ですが、スタート・ゴール地点の取り決めが少々めんどくさい。スタート・ゴールはかすみがうら市交流センターが指定。アプリを起動してスタート地点へのチェックインがマストになっています。

2019 Shiga Travel Biwaichi Try Afterwards

Lake Biwa Circle Certificate has arrived. I ran and I applied for a certificate the next day, but I talked to my colleagues, "I don't have a hard time coming", "It was written that it was about 3 weeks," and so on. Really three weeks. Finally arrived. It is a proof of running the national cycle route.


I have been to Haneda this week. The weather is a little cooler since yesterday. "Just for cycling!" It is like this. I will aim for Bentenbashi by watching the video of the Tamaga...

tama river cycle

Typhoon overflowing.I just wanted to ride a bicycle for cycling. The boss who is in the care of nunu-san is working on Saturday and I went to see a little bit. (It is only an excus...

[ELPA LED signal light for bicycles] Equipment step

I think that the type of equipment has been decided for my home rale.It is a turn signal that I wanted to get out with Nune in February absolutely. As I get to a long distance, I j...

【GORIX Gorix Stainless Steel Water Bicycle Bottle Cage】 First Equipment

Bicycle Delivery I tried various things.I am absorbed in equipment. It is such feeling. Even if you ride a bicycle, if you ride at night you will be stopped by the police if there ...

Raleigh RFT (Radford Traditional) delivery ARAYA RALEIGH