2019 Shiga Travel Biwaichi Try Afterwards

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Go around Lake Biwa and get certificates and stickers!

1. This certificate uses reed paper from Lake Biwa

2. It shows your point passing time

3. Since the serial number is attached, you can know the number of the participant.


Arrive around Lake Biwa certificate

Lake Biwa Circle Certificate has arrived.
I ran and I applied for a certificate the next day, but I talked to my colleagues, “I don’t have a hard time coming”, “It was written that it was about 3 weeks,” and so on. Really three weeks.
Finally arrived.
  It is a proof of running the national cycle route.



Although it is a certificate, it seems that reed paper is used and it has a slightly yellowish cardboard specification.
I checked later and found that Yoshi Paper could help protect the environment even with KOKUYO Shiga.

The front side lists the name and (possibly) the issue date.
I am the 11,731th because it is the serial number of the achiever. NUNU had 11,732 stamped.

However, isn’t the logo consistent between Shiga Prefecture and the Wainokuni Lake Biwa Promotion Council?
I think it’s a bit confusing to have a logo on each of the Biwaichi cycling navigation and the Lake Biwa cycling certification system.


The back side shows the start date, goal date, and the date and time of passing each checkpoint.
According to our way (Biichi Trial Day 2), we have passed other checkpoints, but since we answered 4 quizzes, 4 quiz answer times are correctly stated. You.

Certified seal


Lake Biwa cycling certified sticker, the color in 2019 seems to be a blue gradation color.

For those who have applied for 5 times, we have a special silver sticker
For those who have applied 10 times, we have special gold stickers


If you are a bicycle veteran, I think it would be powerful if gold was stuck.
However, as a medal for beginners of bicycles and beginners of bicycles, it is enough to stick this sticker.


I thought about the place to put it in various ways, but put it on the down tube part of the frame because NUNU wanted to put it in a position that I could see by myself.

With the receipt of the certificate and stickers, the mission around Lake Biwa has been completed.

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