[ELPA LED signal light for bicycles] Equipment step

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I think that the type of equipment has been decided for my home rale.
It is a turn signal that I wanted to get out with Nune in February absolutely.

As I get to a long distance, I just can not convey it to Mr. Mr. like running from behind by hand signal alone.

We have already purchased the radio last month, but I want a tool that can be easily communicated and purchase a turn signal this month.
As Sagisaka’s turn signal was a very nice feeling, I was raised as a type as a type, but in conclusion I made it a similar type of turn signal for ELPA.
The reason is only in the shape of the switch.

Mr. Sagisaka’s switch is resistant even if something does not mean that you have to bring the stitch alone to a han …… Here it is necessary to attach a horn to the road traffic legislation (here I did not wear a horn until now I’m sorry I made it to ELPA.

In order to install the switch of ELPA, we needed 4 mm × 25 mm beads and space, so I think that it fits neatly in place.
Bell is said to be Batamon of a certain bell of MIX – FLOWER. (I do not understand well w)

Besides, I believe that the bottle holder I purchased again with Mr. GORIX and the air pump were installed and all of the equipment was completed for my Ray.

However, ELPA’s turn signal which was supposed to arrive on this day camps on the day!

The day that I wanted to finish the equipment of nunu was postponed … · orz (In general, I worked on equipment before my bicycle because it finishes better by working later.

I purchased successfully the next day, but I will ask, so please cancel the day ‘s cancellation AMAZON!

In any case, I feel that one of our RFT Radford tradition | ARAYA RALEIGH equipments has been completed.

I hope I can devote myself to running.

ELPA (ELPA) LED sign light for bicycle
GORIX Grix Bicycle Bottle Cage
Mix Flower Bicycle Bell
Wheel up bicycle air entrance

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