【GORIX Gorix Stainless Steel Water Bicycle Bottle Cage】 First Equipment

キャットアイ サイコン
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Bicycle Delivery I tried various things.
I am absorbed in equipment. It is such feeling.

Even if you ride a bicycle, if you ride at night you will be stopped by the police if there is no light.

There is consciousness that we must prepare to get on properly …

However, as soon as you have all the equipment you need a variety of things.

Carefully are you amazing how you gathered what you need to start running?

I am fortunate to have just been referring to those who referred.

The key to purchasing first is the key.
This is absolutely necessary, but absolutely necessary with a bicycle also for a momentary stop.
It is safe if it is the key with insurance.

I would like you to never forget me because of my partner / partner.

So, the front light.

This should be attached to the road traffic legislation.

Feelings rise when there is a speedometer.
There are people who can not put the bottle cage, but I absolutely think of this if I think about safety.
(I think there are surprisingly known hanger knocks and dehydration symptoms that are known)

Saddle bags and top tube bags are heavy so people who do not want to equip it seems to be a lot …
It is safe to put in a small thing on a bicycle without a career.

It is subjective to the last, but it is the minimum necessary.
I wonder if the accessories of this month are like this.

Wheel-up bicycle bag waterproof
BLUE CENTURY Blue Century Specific Low Power Transceiver
GORIX Golix stainless steel water bicycle boat cage
CAT EYE Stra Digital Wireless [CC-RD420DW] Speed ​​+ Heart Rate Sessor Set
CAT EYE LED headlight VOLT200 HL-EL151RC USB Rechargeable
GORIX Grix Bicycle Key
Wheel up bicycle saddle bag

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