tama river cycle

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Typhoon overflowing.
I just wanted to ride a bicycle for cycling.

The boss who is in the care of nunu-san is working on Saturday and I went to see a little bit. (It is only an excuse)

Since rain has gone, I want to ride a bicycle I went to the Tama River along with my heart.

It is a course (?) previewed by Mr. nunu, but the bank along the Tama River is very easy to run.

The wind was strong, but it is really easy to run! ! !

Underneath the blue sky and green, I’m pleased to see nunu pictures of setting a new bottle. (Heading image)

It was lunch time, so I went back home after eating routine noodles (eating ramen once a week is my ceremony) before returning.
I went home after eating a late pork cutlet with rice noodle for lunch at Hiroshiro of Niko Tamagawa.

There is a brief moment to go up to Yoga from Niko Tamagawa – There is a slope – but nunu – san got a breath and tried hard …
I will show a furious step on the straight line just before the apartment as I criticize Batebate.
(You ought to have been tired lately a while ago what!

It is impressed by his wife who runs 15 kilometers.

Dist 15.11 km
Max 38 km / h
Ave 15.1 km / h

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