Raleigh RFT (Radford Traditional) delivery ARAYA RALEIGH

Raleigh 納車
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A present from Nunu.
Ra RFT (Radford Traditional)

Nunu’s folding bike is punk at the end of May. When bringing it to a neighboring bicycle store , the bike shop’s wife “I can run as much as 80 km if I am a road bike” This one Ignoring nunu like a word!
If you want a road bike on the way, I will place a new bicycle the next week of the story.
I clicked the candidate or decided it with ARAA RALEIGH RFT.

When assembling with a bicycle shop, she said that she could choose the color of the wire carver, and received a report wearing on a bicycle for a single visit.
nunu-san picks up a wire cover of purple for hesitation.

It takes a while for the settlement to take, so it tolerates the two weeks after that.

There was also hope to deliver car on the day of Daian, which was delivered on June 9th.

RFT Radford Traditional
Frame: Cr – Mo medium size TIG welding
Fork: Investment cast with crown Highten
Shifter: SHIMANO ST-EF 510 8 × 3 EZ-Fire
Chain wheel: SHIMANO FC – TY 501 48 – 38 – 28 T × 165 mm (440) / 170 mm (480, 520)
Rim: ARAYA TX – 733 700C Silver
Weight: 13.0 kg

シマノ アルタス

The component is full specification with SHIMANO ALTUS system. From class sets with gigards that are superior in maintenance and maintainability as well as function and performance, the load connector V break that corresponds to the 700C wheel, the adoption of the upper grade EZ – FIRE lever ST – EF 510, etc It is a design, assembly that has been contemplated until.

シュワルベ マラソン

Class Map Design + Schwarbeta
The overall coloring and design are simple designs that do not come with a simple and classical tired elegance. A rugclaw fork that goes with a slender frame has a criminal with expandability up to 35C. As standard equipment, 28C SCHWALBE MARATHON which adopts both comfort and high speed performance is adopted. It is a green guard system and has high impact resistance. Along with the ARAYA TX – 733 rim developed for the European tickin (cloth) motorcycle, it is making a foot suspension.

ARAYA Raleigh

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