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I have been to Haneda this week.

The weather is a little cooler since yesterday.

“Just for cycling!” It is like this.

I will aim for Bentenbashi by watching the video of the Tamagawa cycling road from the previous day.

It is perfect for practicing the event “BIKE TOKYO” participating in October because it is a 20 km one way. (I’m looking forward to October, but I am looking forward to today’s ride from the other day, I wanted to see Otorii of Haneda by all means.

Explanation by Doremori Shrine
“Inborn Shinto shrine to receive Yunehito life to the god of priests As a protector of the embankment of Inburu Shrine cultural government year (early 1800 AD), Suzuki Nitta (present Haneda airport), we got the permission of public worship in the Meiji Period, and Keihin Electric Railway As a visiting railroad, a foramen line (the current Keikyu airport line) was laid, after the end of the war after the end of the war after the end of the war after the end of the war, after forcible withdrawal, after obtaining compulsory withdrawal from the local refuge Atsushi, to the current location (Haneda 5-chome) Go on a journey and gradually improve the inside of the precincts, and gradually regain the appearance of old days ○ Business trip ceremonies · construction safety · ceremonial festivals such as ceremonial ceremonies (reservation required) ○ aviation safety · travel safety · business shochang · embarrassment · disaster · Mr. Hatsumiya and various other prayers (9: 00-16: 00) ○ Akurei · Omikuro · Omikuji was awarded at the company office (8: 30-17: 00) ○ Sand of invitation (sand of anomaly) Free distribution at Okuninomiya (24h) ”

Today’s goal was Otorii, but will you aim for Hamura direction this time.


It was a black Bianchi wearing Capel Mule that was impressive with today’s cycling.

Perhaps Rokko islander (I think it is a little closer) I stepped in and stepped in about 30 km, I felt the sign of a charingo perfectly behind.

If someone is jogging, or if you pass the oncoming car from the front and slow down the speed, the following chari will also slow down the speed.

Accelerate perfectly if you step back and accelerate again.

I think that I raised up to 36 km / h in Max, but the Chari behind will come with enough room.

I think I worked as fast as 300 meters, but I do not have physical strength as expected.

You must also recover the difference with the NUNU like dropping speed.

Bianchi went through with Sassa as I understood that I did not raise the speed.

Key – ー ー ー ー ー ー! ! ! ! !

It is regrettable! ! !

I guess that attacks are crushed … Ah yeah …

When. . .

Wearing a runaway chari was wearing Capel Mule, it was black Bianchi.

Again as Capel mule is good again, on the other hand.

I could not forbid the decline of physical strength which can not be overturned · · · orz

Next time I see you!

Dist 46.46 km
Max 105.9 km / h (!?)
Ave 17.8 km / h

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