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Raleigh RFT is also 2 years.
I finally put out my hand.
Binding pedal and SPD shoes.

Regarding the Gatchan pedal, I felt the atmosphere of a highly conscious system rider, so I could not put out my hand …

Finally, the binding pedal debut.


Trigger of purchase

It was NUNU who got an Amazon gift certificate that started the binding.

Basically, NUNU who is an optimist for shopping seems to have no use after receiving an Amazon gift certificate.
On the other hand, I usually use Amazon for shopping, so I received a gift certificate for 5,000 yen from NUNU.

“Get what you want for your birthday!”

Thank you! !!

That said, there is no need for something.

“If you say strong…”

Since it was summer, I had many opportunities to ride a bicycle with sandals, and I was thinking that “Too clip is a hassle”, so I decided to use a bicycle pedal as a result of a lot of trouble.

Pedal selection

Regarding the pedal, it is the purpose of “I want to remove the toe clip”, but it is not a story to give up on the so-called “pull foot”.
However, because I also want to ride in sandals, the SHIMANO SPD pedal PD-EH500 with one-sided flat and one-sided binding was the best candidate for purchase.

There was a cheap GORIX product with the same concept, but this is SHIMANO.

I decided what I wanted to buy, but Ikansen’s first pedal with spring.
There is a review before the special shoes and SPD-SL, and I’m not sure.

And I found PD-EH500 online at Y’s Road, which is cheaper than Amazon.

However, if you buy a pedal, you have to buy shoes, so what you buy on Amazon is just shoes.
For the time being, I went to “Let’s go to Y’s Road!” to hear about the pedals and shoes.

That’s why I visited the Y’s Rord Shibuya store and talked to the clerk.

Question ① SPD pedal

First of all, it seems that the candidate pedal is called the SPD pedal.
And it seems that the SPD pedal is a pedal that is mainly used for mountain biking, and the binding is easily removed.
There are two types of cleats, and there are single-mode and multi-mode release types.
This is the difference between removing the foot from the spring and moving it in only one direction, or moving it in multiple directions.


Please kindly teach me and ask about the candidates you are currently thinking about.

Since it is flat on one side, it is suitable for city riding even when attached to a cross bike.

I understand the candidate pedal.

Question ② SPD-SL pedal

As for the SPD-SL pedal, it is still for road use.
I heard that it is a pedal to match the resin cleat with 3 points.

It seems that you can hold it firmly and run very efficiently.

Nonetheless, there are no soft pedals like “one sided flat”, but only hard pedals that are small and small.

I heard it with a chiller, but this type is in the direction of none.

Question ③ Binding shoes

I also asked them about shoes.
I was shown the shoes that match each binding, but the SPD shoes are more casual.

When it comes to SL shoes, you can’t look good without a road bike

The candidate for the shoes here is Shimano’s CT5.

It was…

I’ve seen a comment from Amazon’s review that the cleat mounting position doesn’t move, and I’m sorry to have shown you where the cleat is mounted.

“It certainly doesn’t work.”

This removed CT5 from the shoe candidates.

For the time being, with regard to pedals, I will solidify my intention to purchase the ones that were candidates as originally planned.

Purchase PD-EH500

I visited the Y’s Rord Shibuya store, and despite the fact that the clerk took the time, it was quite different from the online price…
Payment can be made at the Y’s Rord online shop.

The pedal that I took off after receiving the information that the product arrived. Thank you m(__)m

Products received

The color is dark gray, but it looks like bluish gunmetal.
Parts include multimode cleats and non-slip pins.

Shoes selection

Naturally Amazon selects shoes.
NUNU gave me a gift voucher anyway!

In any case, there aren’t so many different designs for bicycle shoes…
You can only narrow down from the search for “SPD shoes” directly on Amazon, or just search for “SPD shoes” on Google and search for a manufacturer with a good design.

When I search for an image, it’s not definitely sold on Amazon, so this time I searched using the former method.
MAVIC XA MATRYX (XA Matrix) MTB Shoes [Goji Berry/Red] L40636900 decided.

I was a little worried because there were no reviews, but it was so cheap that I was surprised when I thought about the list price!
I am wondering why such a price can be achieved.


Products received

In the product image, the color Goji berry red looked more red than the fat, but the actual product is red rather than vermilion.

It’s tight with laces, but it’s a bit tight on my high instep.
Loosen the laces and wear them.

The sole is solid and the position of the cleats can be adjusted.

I saw an article on the street that Mavic shoes choose the shape of their feet, but fortunately I didn’t feel so much trouble.

By the way, how is the riding comfort of the first binding pedal?
I’m looking forward to it.


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