【Fizik Tempo Microtex Classic】 Bar Tape

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The handle grip was slippery, so I wrapped a bar tape around the handle grip.
It was a handle grip with the Raleigh stamp, so I didn’t have the option to buy a new handle grip and replace it.
Perhaps the grip fasteners are versatile and could have been used with other handle grips …
However, because I have a personality that “I should try anything at least once,” I chose “wrap the bar tape.”

Rubber strip on handle grip

It was the hardest part of the honest process.
The handle grip itself can be easily removed by loosening the screw of the fastener with a wrench.
Remove the handle grip and start working indoors.

Speaking of the parts of the handle grip, this is just the fastener, grip core and end cap.
Remove the fastener from the core and pull on the rubber part.

“Stiff !!!”

It is integrated as if it is thermocompression bonded to the core. . .

I was foreseen the possibility. . .

I also saw some ways to remove the rubber of the grip with a net, but the core of the grip is plastic anyway, and it seems that the plastic will melt even if toluene is poured to melt the fixed adhesive …

After all, as a means, use a cutter to scrape rubber off the ground!
It’s really sober and easy.
If you press the cutter too much, your fingers will hurt. In order to prevent misalignment in some places, the hole in the core and the rubber of the grip are firmly attached.
Even if it wasn’t enough to remove the rubber cleanly, the work was completed by peeling it off to the extent that it did not become lumpy as a core for the time being.


There is no need to fix the cable and handle like with bar tape winding on a road bike.
After all, it’s just the grip.
However, as I wrote earlier, there were holes to prevent misalignment, so I wrapped the vinyl tape around and cleaned the surface.

Once that is done, the preparations are completed.

Bar tape winding

Now, let’s wind the bar tape.
About how to wrap the bar tape, you can find information about how to wrap the road tape on the road bike. (Surprisingly few impressions about how to wind bar tape on a cross bike)

I used it as a reference, but it was difficult to wind it around the handle grip.
If you are going to wrap it around the handle directly like a road bike, you can start by winding a little bar tape around the end of the bar end and wind it up, and finally push it into the handle with the bar end cap and it will be beautiful.


 When it comes to wrap it around the handle grip, the fastener will not fit!
Isn’t it possible to pinch the bar tape with fasteners? ? I thought, but Ikansen clearance is severe and the fasteners do not fit. Therefore, in order to finish the winding start neatly, the same processing as the winding end is applied to the winding start.
Start diagonally from the beginning of winding and cut off the start part at an angle that finishes horizontally with respect to the bar end. (Angle perpendicular to the handle)

By doing so, you can start winding with a clean cut at the end of the bar end without excessive overlap at the beginning of winding.

As for the end of winding, as described in How to roll a road bike bar tape, the end of the bar tape is processed at an angle perpendicular to the handle and fixed with vinyl tape.

Finally, wind up the decorative tape to complete it.
  There are many recommended articles to wrap a bar tape on a cross bike, but I could not find an article to wrap a bar tape on a handle grip …
After all, I would buy a finished product rather than doing that. However, I was strongly interested in only the core of the handle grip if it would be sold.

Fizik(フィジーク) Tempo マイクロテックス クラシック(2mm厚) ハニーブラウン

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