About “Ate-san”

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Tagline: red inverted glasses
Favorite car: Eliminator 250LX → RALEIGH RFT (Radford Traditional)
Favorite: samourai, po6po10
Qualifications: Kendo 2nd Dan, Fire Prevention Manager, Online Shop Practitioner, Mail Order Expert, IT Passport
My darts: samurai(H) Evo
Each DARTS LIVE PHOENIX GRAN DARTS uses “Card Name: Miyabicho”


About blog

This is a blog that I started with the idea of “Let’s try WordPress”.
I can’t do much, and I’ve been re-installing WordPress when I get caught up in trivial things. If my main business is a little busy, updates will stop, and I’m not working hard to operate it.
Initially, operation started with the title of Drip Flip Trip with travel as content. Why is it updated irregularly? The once-a-year domestic trip I took with my wife, saving up my daily coins like drops, was just the right event, but… I couldn’t even go on a trip due to the corona crisis, and the title didn’t match the content. was orz
It would be boring to close it as it is, so I’m thinking of changing the title and just maintaining it.

Personality and work

I like making things, but I’m not a designer. I like writing, but I’m not a writer.
I like to think about how to put things together and put them into text and pictures.
I wonder if motorcycles, darts, and alcohol will become my hobbies. I like small items such as Japanese items, leather items, silver items, machines, etc., and I smile when I find a toy that is a little clever.
I work at a web-related company, creating materials that I don’t really understand. Thanks to the company I worked for as a new graduate, I go to various places on business trips and trips. (I think there are 3 prefectures in Japan that I haven’t stepped on.) I like alcohol (beer), and wherever I go, I look for izakayas, bars, and food stalls that smell delicious and have an interesting atmosphere. It would be fun if there was a connection with the destination…