2019 Shiga Travel Biwaichi Day 3 (Moving Day Return Home)


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Purchase additional souvenirs at Boston Plaza.
I bought Langudosha for a jumping out boy, but here too the front is inconvenient …
Until the end, the response of the hotel is not clear.
Is there any remorse for the Biwaichi Challenger?

Have breakfast and send out souvenirs

Breakfast is buffet style at 1F restaurant of Boston Plaza.
If you make a reservation for breakfast the day before, you can save 500 yen.
We booked breakfast last night and we had a good breakfast.
  I always eat rice everywhere I travel.
Red Konjac also had this place. A companion of rice, a little bit salty taste. That’s not tough. It is fun to eat things that you do not usually eat.

We purchase souvenirs at the reception after breakfast.
We asked for the shipment, but we were outraged by the response from the front desk and shipped from Lawson on the first floor.

What was it …
It is a really good hotel if you consider only accommodations …

Last day move

10 o’clock set at the front desk. Departing from Kusatsu Station at about 10:30 We aim for “Each stop network”.
Since it was a weekday morning, the setting was slightly different for commuting hours, so it was correct.
  I don’t know how crowded it is usually, but it is vacant enough to carry bicycles on conventional lines.


The reason we left a little earlier than the time of the Shinkansen was to have time to buy lunches and souvenirs at Kyoto Station.
The lunch on the way back is a heavy lunch of Omi beef steak.
  It is a dish that NUNU inspired.


On the return Shinkansen, I was able to safely put my bicycle in the space behind the last seat.
Because it was also during the daytime on weekdays, the way of a salaryman was opening a PC in a seat. . .
Although it was a reserved seat, the vehicle itself was almost empty, so there was no guilt even if I got a bicycle space.
It takes a lot of time at each station stop, but if you are cycling, “Kodama” seems to be more vacant than “Hikari”.

Either way, on the return Shinkansen, I ate a lunch at Kuta Kuta and I just slept.

Since the getting off stations are different, we say hello in the car and we get off at Shinagawa.

I was planning to build a bicycle again at the Konan Exit and return home by bicycle from there …

Miserable return

NUNU says that his back and shoulders hurt before he goes on his bike and never goes.
I hurt my knees and ankles at Lake Biwa and can’t ride a bike.
The bicycle has already been assembled, so I don’t want to repack it again.

After all, they were not very ready to ride a bicycle, and they walked home for about 10 km while pushing a bicycle.

“A taxi from now on!”

I was scolded by NUNU.

It was a journey that did not go as planned until the end …

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